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    Subsidy consultation: Get your subsidies

    Subsidy consultation: Get your subsidies

    For founders, startups, SMEs & corporations as well as ALG 1 and ALG 2 recipients

    Your subsidy consultation may be free of charge (Activation and Placement Voucher, AVGS) or subsidized with 50% by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control, BAFA. We will support you in obtaining these subsidies.

    subsidy consulting


    Founding a company successfully: With us you get the complete consulting package. All of our services are eligible for funding.

    You need a business plan or start-up coaching? If so, you can receive funding for these services. Recipients of unemployment benefits 1 or 2 receive funding via the activation and placement voucher (AVGS). 100% of the costs are subsidized. You do not pay anything for these consulting services. You can also receive funding from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). We will submit the application for you. BAFA will reimburse you 50 % for the consulting services.

    Young entrepreneurs can receive a maximum of 2,000 euros for a consulting service of 4,000 euros. Owners of existing companies can receive a maximum of 1,500 euros for a consulting service worth 3,000 euros.


    Is it worth having a consultant when applying for subsidies?

    YES! We are experienced in bank-compliant business plans and in target-oriented communication with the bank. Which is why you will benefit from our extensive experience, which will be useful for your application. Applications for subsidies are very time-consuming and there are some stumbling blocks that must be avoided. Incomprehensible wording can lead to lengthy inquiries or, in the worst case, to a rejection of your application for subsidies. It is important to provide the bank with correct figures on sales and costs. The documents and industry letters used by the bank are decisive for communication with the bank.

    In other words: If you want to submit the application yourself, it will cost you a lot of time. You can invest this spent time more efficiently in building up your company or in your new project idea. We are happy to support you – with expertise and a lot of passion for young companies and good ideas.


    Applying for funding: How much effort do you have to put in?

    Whether it’s a start-up grant (ALG 1), start-up allowance (ALG 2) or BAFA funding – it’s not that easy to get hold of funding. If you work with us, we will need your help in obtaining information and making the right arguments. Still, you will save many hours of time if you let us submit the application. Experience shows that you will spend 70 to 80 % less time and effort.

    We will tell you exactly which information and documents are required. And we will ask you the right questions to ensure we make the right arguments. We support you in all steps of the application process:

    • Assistance with the preparation of the documents
    • Assistance with the business registration
    • Assistance in filling out the initial tax return
    • Drafting of a convincing argumentation
    • Completion and submission of applications
    • Compliance with deadlines


    Increase your chances of receiving subsidies

    Subsidies and grants are fundamentally different. Subsidies are only subsidized by the government, grants you do not have to pay back.

    In the first step, we clarify whether you meet the general conditions for subsidies. In the case of a start-up grant from the employment agency or an investment grant from the job center, we first have to convince your advisor of the start-up idea. Then you can also receive a subsidy for the business plan – including a financing plan and financing advice. A well thought-out and well written business idea is therefore a basic prerequisite. A trusting relationship with your advisor also increases your chances of receiving subsidies.

    You generally increase your chances of receiving subsidies with our expertise. We are experienced and skilled in filling out applications, in correct formulation and in dealing with authorities and banks. Due to these years of experience, we achieve a high success rate with our applications for subsidies.

    subsidy consulting

    If you want to apply for a start-up grant as a founder, then you need a so-called expert opinion for this. We can also create this for you.

    Every other company fails in the first 5 years after being founded!

    We support you professionally right from the start. To ensure that you will run a successful business for many years to come.