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    Apply for a start-up loan with us

    Apply for a start-up loan with us

    Would you like to apply for a start-up loan – quickly and on good terms? We will advise you which loan is best for you. Together we create all the necessary documents. You benefit from our many years of cooperation with the KfW banking group and NRW.Bank. You increase your chances of receiving funding and grants through the many years of experience of our management consultants.

    financing consulting


    You would like to apply for a business start-up loan – fast and with good terms?

    • We will advise you on which loan is best for you.
    • We work with you to prepare all the necessary documents.
    • You benefit from our long-standing cooperation with KfW-Bankengruppe and NRW.Bank.
    • You increase your chances of receiving funding and grants through the many years of experience of our business consultants.


    A good business plan is essential for financing

    When applying for financing or subsidies, a business plan has an extremely important function: The business plan provides your potential future financiers with valuable insights into whether or not it is worth investing in your business idea. A good business plan reduces the risk of a loss-making bad investment.

    That’s why you will need a convincing business plan for the financing of every new business idea and for every new, strategic project. This is the only way you and your financial partners can determine what opportunities are available and what risks are involved. As part of the financing consultation, we will also prepare a professional business plan for you.

    financing consulting

    You will receive a business plan with a detailed financing plan from us – free of charge with the state AVGS subsidy. Or with a 50% subsidy with consultant support (BAFA – Federal Agency for Economics and Export Control). In addition to the services provided under the activation and placement voucher, we can also provide an expert opinion.


    Financing consulting with a high success rate

    Whether you are a start-up or an entrepreneur with a project idea – we will provide you with a business plan that will convince potential financiers.

    Our success rate for applications for financing is over 90%.

    We work quickly and efficiently, since we usually apply to several banks at the same time. Our experienced team saves you from making common mistakes in financial plans – thanks to many years of experience, extensive expertise and an objective view from the outside. Take advantage of this security!


    Risk factor „too small of a loan“ – choosing the financing amount wisely

    Many start-ups, as well as experienced entrepreneurs, make the mistake of calculating a financing amount that is too small. They estimate the positive factors too optimistically and underestimate at the same time possible negative factors. However, once the financing is in place and has been executed, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to subsequently increase the amount. The financiers‘ trust in the entrepreneur and his assessments is then severely damaged. And who can guarantee the financiers that the new figures are more realistically estimated?


    Financing problems due to incorrect projections

    No matter if it is the construction of an airport, the development of new facilities or the conversion of a warehouse: The actual costs of projects often exceed the planned costs by a considerable margin. Yet the size of the project is not at all decisive in determining how much the real costs deviate from the planned costs. There are simply too many unknowns and no one can say what the future holds. The experience with the Corona pandemic is particularly poignant in this context. No one had even begun to anticipate this.

    But it doesn’t have to be a drastic event like this that causes a financing plan to fail. Business founders are often so convinced of their start-up idea that they overestimate the opportunities and underestimate the risks. In that case, the best thing to do is to take an objective look from the outside. Solid financing can also take away your fear of incurring too much debt.

    Our financial plan will give you more realistic estimates of:
    financing consulting
    market chances
    financing consulting
    financing consulting
    growth prognoses
    financing consulting
    fix and recurring expenses


    Minimize your financing risks

    We provide you with a professional and independent view of all relevant figures. From many years of experience, we know where the most errors of judgment lie in wait and take a particularly close look at them.

    Well advised: With our support…

    • you will convince lenders of the merits of your project.
    • you maintain your financial flexibility and independence through external financing.
    • you can make the most of all funding opportunities.

    Our prices for successful financing

    We are happy to support you in obtaining free or proportionally subsidized financing consultation. Our company philosophy includes fair pricing with top services. You will benefit from our comprehensive expertise and many years of experience – especially because we specialize in financing, funding and business plans. Contact us right away!