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    Let us create your business plan: Professional, clear and convincing

    Let us create your business plan: Professional, clear and convincing

    Did you know that 50% of young entrepreneurs fail in the first 5 years after starting up? And for many others, it doesn’t even work out with a successful foundation.

    business plan preparation


    Create a professional and individual business plan

    You are…

    • ALG 1 recipient?
    • ALG 2 recipient?
    • founder of a company?
    • owner or managing director of a company?

    Would you like to apply for a start-up subsidy from the employment agency, subsidies for setting up a business or a bank loan?

    For this you need a business plan that is convincing in terms of content and form.

    This is exactly the kind of business plan we create for you – even free of charge with the state AVGS subsidy! Or with 50% subsidy with consultant promotion (BAFA). In addition to the services in terms of the activation and placement voucher, we can also take over the expert opinion (FKS).


    In just a few steps to a successful business plan

    From first contact

    Please contact us . We will contact you within 24h and conduct a free initial consultation.

    About the implementation

    After that, we start creating your business plan. the results will be presented to you within 14 days. If you have any change requests, they will be incorporated.

    Your business plan

    After the feedback discussions and correction loops, you will receive your final, personal business plan. You can now submit it to authorities, banks or investors.


    Your business plan created by us

    Financial advice, management advice, in particular advice on choosing the legal form – with us you have all of this in one place and from a single source when we create your business plan.

    We specialize in creating business plans and do it with passion. From experience we know exactly what is important in terms of content and form, where hidden pitfalls lurk. We are experts and accompany the creation of your business plan. This gives you the best possible result and thus the best possible chance of successfully enforcing your request.


    Why you should let us create your business plan

    The short answer is: Because we can. And we can because we’ve done it hundreds of times.

    If you have never created a business plan before, you naturally have different requirements than the specialists in our team. The creation of the business plan costs you a disproportionate amount of time and effort for research, formalities, data acquisition, conception and formulation. We have developed lean processes for all of this, using many years of experience and accumulated specialist knowledge.

    business plan preparation

    We will create a convincing business plan for you – either free of charge with the state AVGS subsidy. Or you can receive a 50% subsidy from BAFA (Federal Agency for Economics and Export Control) consultant funding. In addition to the services in terms of the activation and placement voucher (AVGS), we can also take on the expert opinion.


    Your advantages with us – a convincing business plan

    • You save valuable time and use your limited resources efficiently.
    • They ensure outstanding quality through the review of an external management consultant.
    • You avoid stumbling blocks and pitfalls when applying for grants and loans.
    • You increase your chances of funding and grants thanks to the many years of experience of our management consultants.
    business plan preparation
    fast completion
    business plan preparation
    compelling, easy-to-understand content
    business plan preparation
    gapless visualization
    business plan preparation
    higher chances of success


    Frequently asked questions

    How expensive is it to have a business plan created?

    Government subsidies of up to 80% are available for business plans. However, the price of a business plan depends on several factors. We would be happy to explain this to you personally upon request. We are proud to be able to offer you a business plan at a fair price-performance ratio. Even though we have a well-coordinated, highly motivated and experienced team of specialists working for you.

    Who will help me create a business plan?  

    We will. We will review all items with you, help you with any questions you may have, and see you through to the end. In addition, you can get help for the creation of a professional business plan at any time from a reputable business consultant.

    How long does it take to create my business plan?

    It usually takes 10-14 days, depending on the scope and content, to complete an adequate business plan with a high success rate with the respective application. Should you attempt to create a business plan on your own, it may take up to several weeks and it is rarely successful.

    What if my chances of obtaining financing are not so promising?

    If your chances of applying for financing are less than 50%, we will let you know at an early stage. At that point, you can decide whether or not you want to try anyway.

    What do I have to provide you with in order to create a promising business plan?

    Don’t worry! We support you in such a comprehensive way that your tasks remain manageable. You provide us with some information and everything else will develop in conversation with you – until you have a finished business plan that you can be proud of.

    Decide on entrepreneurial success and do everything right from the start.

    Get competent partners at eye level! Benefit from experience, specialist knowledge, clarity and orientation. See and walk the successful path with us. We create the perfect business plan for you.