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    The AVGS means free counseling for job seekers

    The AVGS means free counseling for job seekers

    What a bummer, suddenly unemployed – What can I do? This is a question asked by many people who become unemployed and don’t know what to do next. The longer they remain in this state, the more difficult it becomes for the long-term unemployed to get out of this lethargy again.



    What is an AVGS?

    What many people don’t know is that they are not completely alone! With an activation and placement voucher, or AVGS for short, from the job center or employment agency, jobseekers or people affected by unemployment receive free access to a type of business academy or subsidized counseling. With this subsidized measure, you can start anew after you have slipped into unemployment.

    Participation in such a measure and the individual coaching sessions can significantly increase your job chances. Talk to your case worker to find out whether you need measures and which further training is suitable for you. One thing is certain: A professional reorientation with AVGS is worthwhile in any case. Here you can find out everything you need to know about the AVGS voucher and how you can get out of unemployment with AVGS coaching (Link: AVGS Coaching).

    The activation and placement voucher (AVGS) in accordance with §45 of the German Social Code III (SGB III) was created in 2002 as a support instrument following various labor market reforms. It is granted by the employment agency or the job center and enables training or job seekers to participate in measures for professional integration. These include, for example, measures such as counseling, coaching, training, retraining or trial work – in other words, services that are intended to help participants find a new job.


    Goals of the AVGS voucher

    • Provide individual support
    • Identify and set aside barriers to placement.
    • To introduce jobseekers to the labor market or to work for which insurance is mandatory
    • Helping the unemployed start their own businesses.
    • Provide stabilizing support to job seekers when they take up employment

    After an interview, the consultant will determine suitable support measures. With which AVGS consultant you carry out the measure, you can decide yourself.


    AVGS: Coaching, consulting, retraining or work trial

    Funded support measures can be divided into the following areas:

    • Training and introduction to the labor market – examples: Job application and integration counseling, health care, language and communication training.
    • Identify, reduce, or eliminate placement barriers – examples: training or retraining preparation, language or vocational skills training.
    • Introduction to self-employment – examples: Business planning and business plan, start-up advice, financing, accounting, tax assistance.
    • Stabilization of a new employment start – examples: counseling on professional situations and development opportunities.


    The activation and placement voucher for founders

    Many are looking for a professional reorientation with the AVGS as a salaried employee or employee, some then decided to become self-employed from unemployment.

    As a founder, you have the opportunity to receive fully subsidized founder coaching from an AVGS consultant with the AVGS. This is aimed at building up your knowledge of all aspects of setting up a business. In the individual coaching, the following aspects are covered, for example:

    • Time management & foundation preparation
    • Development of a sustainable business concept
    • Preparation of a meaningful business plan (Link: Have a business plan prepared)
    • Preparation of an expert opinion
    • Analysis of the financing needs
    • Analysis of the market
    • Creation of a marketing strategy
    • Human resources and accounting

    The focal points are determined and worked out together with you. Depending on the scope of the voucher, more or fewer modules can be covered.

    Business academy Unternehmens-werk

    In 4 steps to AVGS consulting in a one-on-one meeting with us

    During a free initial consultation, we jointly determine the consulting needs for your start-up project and the type of measure (presence or online) within the eligible modules. Then you submit the application to the employment agency (for ALG I) or the job center (for ALG II).

    Once the activation and placement voucher has been approved, we will advise you for on the previously defined advisory module. After completing the steps, you will receive a certificate of participation, which lays the foundation for successful self-employment.

    Initial interview

    During a free consulting session, the consulting needs for your start-up project will be determined.


    In order to be able to submit an application to the employment agency, you will receive the application for an AVGS from us. You fill it out and submit it.


    Aftera few days, your application will usually be approved and you will receive the AVGS voucher. We need the original voucher, then nothing stands in the way of your individual coaching.


    Our highly experienced start-up consultants will coach you for several days on-site or online in the consulting modules tailored to you for a successful start-up in self-employment.


    Educational institutions who support you must have a so-called AZAV certification. This stands for the Accreditation and Approval Regulation for the Promotion of Employment and is issued by the German Accreditation Body. All measures are only eligible for funding if certain criteria specified in the Social Code are met. These include, for example, the proven competence and performance of the AVGS consultant.


    AVGS Coaching from Unternehmens-Werk – from Cologne to Hamburg, Berlin and Munich

    With the help of the AVGS, you can receive an individual business plan from us free of charge, which is required for the receipt of the start-up grant from ALG 1 or the start-up allowance from ALG 2.

    We have the necessary certification and help you with all questions concerning your business start-up. We offer our consultations as face-to-face events or in the form of online coaching. Our customers are represented nationwide and come from cities such as Düsseldorf, Cologne, Stuttgart, Berlin or Dresden.


    Who can apply for an AVGS?

    In accordance with Section 45 of the German Social Code (SGB) III, eligible persons are jobseekers who are registered as jobseekers with their relevant employment agency or job center. In addition to ALG 1 and ALG 2 recipients, persons threatened by unemployment can also apply for an AVGS. This includes the following groups:

    • Non-recipients of benefits registered as jobseekers
    • Students and trainees who are looking for work
    • Self-employed persons and persons returning to work (§ 20 SGB III)
    • Soldiers after the end of military service
    • Employees in transfer and absorbing companies

    All job-seekers who meet the following AVGS requirements have a legal claim to the AVGS:

    • Entitlement to unemployment benefits is available.
    • Before applying for the AVGS, the applicant has been at least 6 weeks during the last 3 months registered as unemployed.
    • The applicant has not yet been placed in employment subject to compulsory insurance.

    However, an activation and placement voucher can also be applied for without legal entitlement. In this case, however, it is a discretionary benefit provided by the person in charge at the employment agency:

    • If you are unemployed for less than 6 weeks, an AVGS can be issued in the individual case.
    • If you have received notice of termination but are still in employment, an AVGS can be applied for without legal entitlement.
    • Those entitled to unemployment benefit II or Hartz IV can also apply for an AVGS.

    The following applies: The better prepared you are for the interviews with the case worker and can explain why you need an AVGS, the more likely you are to receive a commitment.

    this is how it goes

    Apply for AVGS voucher

    If you are registered as a job seeker and want to apply for an AVGS voucher, you can do so with your personal advisor at the employment agency or job center in your region. This can be done informally – by telephone, in person, in writing or by e-mail. It makes sense to ask your personal advisor for advice on the AVGS requirements. Here are step-by-step instructions on how best to proceed:

    • Yearch for a suitable measure provider or AVGS Coaching and contact the provider. He will check the specifications of your AVGS. He will check the requirements of your AVGS. If he can assure your participation in an AVGS individual coaching, you will receive a confirmation.
    • Then contact your case worker at the employment agency or job center.
    • It will be checked whether the measure will help you professionally and whether the conditions of the AVGS are fulfilled.
    • If this is the case, you will receive a notice of approval, which will confirm your participation in a measure. The measure carrier is also informed about this.
    • Once these steps have been carried out, you can start the action.

    Attention limitation

    Where can I redeem the voucher and how long is the AVGS valid?

    Each activation and placement voucher has specific information noted on it that must be considered. Important information that is indicated on an AVGS includes:

    • Name, address and customer number of the applicant
    • The objective of the AVGS
    • Contents to be conveyed
    • The region in which the coaching may take place
    • How long the AVGS is valid
    • The maximum duration of the measure

    In any case, the measure you select must meet the requirements, otherwise it cannot be funded. Likewise, the consultants you select should have the necessary certification.


    The AVGS is a valuable aid for all job seekers in obtaining meaningful educational opportunities that will help one advance in a career sense. Even if the approval is at the discretion of the case worker depending on the circumstances, it is recommended to apply for an AVGS. Good preparation for the talks with the decision-maker at the employment agency or the job center is the be-all and end-all. If you are interested in starting a business from unemployment, we are the right contact for you and will support you on the way to a successful start-up.

    Unternehmens-Werk also support you in applying for an AVGS.

    We will give you all the information you need to obtain and redeem the AVGS.