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    What you should look for when applying

    What you should look for when applying

    The start-up subsidy offers people with limited financial means the opportunity to start a business or establish self-employment. As with all financial aid opportunities, many different requirements must be met when applying for the start-up grant.

    what you should pay attention to

    Business consultant explains everything about the start-up grant

    In the following text, we would like to point out to you which aspects are really important when applying for the start-up grant. Often these are not quite clearly defined or are so extensive that you can quickly lose track of them when you first look at them. We will show you which deadlines should be observed when and which inconspicuous details must be observed in any case. Are you about to apply for the start-up grant? Then you will find helpful information and tips in the following articles:

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    • Apply for start-up subsidy step by step
    • Start-up subsidy: Avoid these mistakes – at all costs
    • A handy checklist for your start-up grant

    Who can apply for the start-up grant?

    In principle, it is possible for all people between the age of 18 and the statutory retirement age to apply for the start-up grant, as long as they have received unemployment benefit (ALG 1) for at least one day. It is important that there has not been a constant change between unemployment and work. Those who want to successfully apply for the start-up grant should link their unemployment status directly to their existing employment relationship.

    Even for employees whose employment relationship does not end at the desired date of unemployment and whose employment relationship is not terminated by the employers, the entitlement to ALG 1 without a three-month blocking period exists under certain circumstances. Employees should have been employed with compulsory insurance for at least 12 months in the past 30 months and should have registered with the Employment Agency as seeking work at least three months before the desired date of unemployment.

    When should I apply for the start-up grant?

    The start-up grant can be applied for throughout the year. However, you should definitely apply in the first three months of the year. The offices only have a certain amount of money available each year, which is why it is usually used up in the first few months of the year. Before submitting the application for the start-up grant, you should first register your status as a freelancer with the tax office or your trade with the trade office, depending on which self-employment you are aiming for. It is important that you have already been entitled to ALG 1 for at least 150 days at this point, otherwise your entitlement to the start-up grant will expire. You should set yourself a time frame for fulfilling the requirements for the start-up grant at an early stage and act very proactively.

    How relevant is the business plan for the start-up grant?

    The business plan can be seen as the cornerstone for starting a business. It is not only the showcase tool to convince the employment agency, but also provides you with a direction and structure to realize your goals.

    This is what matters when applying for the start-up grant

    If you decide to become self-employed and want to apply for a start-up grant for this project, you should try to plan each of your steps in advance. This will make it easier for you not to lose track of the individual tasks and ultimately convince the employment agency of your plans. Definitely get advice from a start-up expert and try to work out your business plan in the best possible way. If you follow these guidelines, nothing should stand in the way of your successful application for the start-up grant.

    Apply for start-up subsidy step by step with the help of a free counseling session

    We will help you with all your questions, with obtaining the right documents and with the correct application for the start-up grant. 100% free of charge and without a catch.