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The organic store “My cloverleaf” in Fritzlar

success stories

Christina’s desire to start up was more a twist of fate than a long-prepared wish: after losing her job in the restaurant business at the end of last year due to corona, she learned through a friend that the health food store in Fritzlar was looking for a new owner.

Having worked there herself as a temp for a short time, she knew the store’s conditions and customers very well. “A gift from the universe” as Christina called it. So she decided rather quickly to go the way of self-employment and started with the preparations as well as her business plan. Not everything went smoothly in the time leading up to the opening: Even until shortly before, it was still unclear whether the landlords would agree to let her open the store, there was a lot of back and forth and misunderstandings about the financing from the bank, and it was questionable whether she would even receive a grant from the employment agency. Christina turned to us to help her with the start-up: We created the business plan together, supported her with topics such as taxes, the application for the start-up grant and during the difficult phase of financing.

In the end, everything fell into place: She received the start-up grant, the financing commitment and she was able to reopen the store in May under a new name and concept. Christina is more than happy about the step into self-employment – just like the inhabitants of Fritzlar, who find a high-quality assortment and a warm atmosphere in MeinKleeblatt. It was a great pleasure for us to accompany Christina on her way and we wish her all the best for her future and we wish MeinKleeblatt continued success! If you are ever in the neighborhood, stop by 😉

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